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We wish You friendly Year 2012!

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17. 10. 2011

The Puppet therapy one after another

We enjoy the growing interest in our lessons of the Puppet therapy not only from the schools and facilities for children with mental disabilities, but also from the foundations, the City of Ostrava, and town districts!

17. 10. 2011

Our activities

All our activities can be found in the following summary of the existing activities of THeatr ludem. Wish you a nice reading!

17. 10. 2011

About Creative Therapy puppet in the drama

 Please, pay attention to the magazine Tvořivá dramatika, volume XXI., No. 1 / 59, 2010. You can find there an article reflecting the Puppet therapy workshops.

27. 10. 2010

The Birthday in Poland and in Armenia

 We visited two international theatre festivals in a few days ago: Zdarzenia in Poland  and HIGH FEST 2010 in Armenia.

27. 6. 2009

Birthday goes on!

Our performance Birthday goes on. We played in Písek at the festival Šramkuv Pisek, we will go to Hradec Kralove to Open air of international festival of european regions and than we will go to Chrudim to the puppet festival Puppet´s Chrudim. 

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